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Artistic Statement 

        As a performer and a lifetime Spanish student, I strive to create focusing on the process, not the product. While having a set goal in mind serves me in many ways, focusing solely on the outcome gives me very little inspiration and limited room to grow. I know there will never be a point where I know every word in the Spanish language, just like there will never be a point that I know everything there is to know about performing. Creative and academic work have no final product: they are continuous processes that could lead to a number of destinations. For that reason, I seek work that requires me to challenge myself in ways that expand my horizons in art and language. 


        I prefer to work in a way where I am constantly asking myself, “Why?” It’s a simple but essential question: something that the audience is already pondering when they experience art, something everyone considers during a conversation in any language. When I perform, I aspire to evoke something from audience members; it can be a memory, an emotion, even a reminder of what they had for breakfast. As I practice and use my Spanish, I strive to achieve this same level of familiarity with people, just in a more intimate setting. Art and language are powerful in their abilities to unite everyone. By speaking two languages, my goal is to connect Spanish speakers with English speakers to make the language barrier less intimidating. Through performance, I want the audience to realize everyone’s differences are not as pronounced as they seem. I strive to keep these nuggets in mind as I rehearse in the studio, perform onstage, converse with another Spanish-speaker, or teach a class. 


        Some people ask me why I can’t stick to just theatre or just Spanish. My answer is simple: I would not be as far as I am in either of these fields without the other. 

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